Proprietary company

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Electronic forms
(PDF – emailed)
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Printed package

Proprietary company registration


includes $538 ASIC fee


Package includes:

1 copy of each


Company constitution 3 copies
Consent(s) to act as director 1 copy
Consent(s) to act as secretary (if applicable) 1 copy
Consent/Agreement of members to become a member 1 copy
Share certificates (if applicable) 1 copy
All registers 1 copy
Consent of registered office occupier (if applicable) 1 copy
Minutes of directors & subscribers 1 copy
Copy of ASIC form 201 1 copy
Certificate of registration 1 copy

Do you have questions about ordering a company?

Check out our FAQs to find helpful information about companies. There we have extensive information to help answer all of your questions about registering a company in Australia. However, if there’s anything we’ve missed, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Our FAQs on Placing an order also provide lots of useful information about ordering, including details on our website, membership, payment and more.

Using Rocket Registrations’ clear, concise and simple ordering process, registration of your new proprietary company in Australia is easy! Get started on forming your company now!

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