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About Us

My mission is to help you register your Australian company, form your trust or set up a super fund at rocket speeds. The latest technology is my specialty, so I’m proud to say that we’ve developed software that guarantees your documents are right, every time.

I’m a straight talking rocket man, and I make sure the people I work with are too. No overly complicated, legal-speak here. We do our all to make everything we produce understandable and clear. If you disagree, let us know and we will fix it.

Now, you’ll have to excuse me. It’s time for blast off …

Who is Rocket Registrations?

Here at Rocket Registrations, we provide a fresh approach to registering an Australian company, setting up a trust fund, or forming a self-managed super fund.

We’ve taken what is a potentially complicated process and made it understandable and user-friendly. This enables you to spend your time on more important things, like rocketing your business to success.

The small team of experts that launched Rocket in 2011 has combined experience in the industry of over 25 years.

We know what we’re doing inside and out and are committed to:

  • providing you with an easy, smooth ordering process
  • developing the best technology in the marketplace
  • delivering excellent service fast, without sacrificing an ounce of quality
  • having a bit of fun!

To ensure that our documents are 100% thorough, 100% legal and 100% accurate, we’ve worked closely with our legal consultants who have written or reviewed every word.

Don’t let the hassles of registering your business get in the way of succeeding in business. Rocket will get you structured, incorporated, formed, certified, created, constituted, lodged and ready to go!

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