What is an ACN?

Each company is allocated a unique Australian Company Number (ACN). Yours will be provided after purchase. When a company has been issued an ABN, the number will be the ACN with two additional leading digits resulting in an 11 digit number (e.g.; ACN 123 456 789, new ABN xx 123 456 789).

You must apply separately for your ABN once your company has been registered. You can do this easily by visiting http://abr.gov.au.


The constitution contains the rules and procedures that define how the company is run, making it a very important document.

All companies produced by Rocket Registrations are provided with our up-to-date constitution in PDF format. If you choose our printed add-on package, you receive three thermal-bound copies.

What are the replaceable rules?

The replaceable rules are a collection of about 40 sections of the Corporations Act 2001 that give a general framework for running an Australian company.

These rules govern the internal relationships of officers and shareholders, but do not cover more practical rules relating to how a company is run on a day-to-day level.

To read more about constitutions and the replaceable rules and to determine the suitability of both for your company, please read this page on the ASIC website: Constitution and replaceable rules.


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