My company application has been rejected. Why has this happened and how can I fix it?

As mentioned above, there are some restrictions on company names that may automatically cause a company application to be rejected. If your application is rejected because of a company name issue, please make sure you have searched the name availability and that it doesn’t contain any restricted words.

Other issues that may arise would be that information has not been correctly entered or has been left off our order forms completely. If this is the case, you will be able to log back into your account, go to your Mission Control (where all of your order information is saved), amend your rejected application and re-lodge it with ASIC.

Common information that is left out of company applications include:

  • leaving off the place of birth for a company officer
  • entering an address that does not match the ASIC / Australia Post database
  • entering a PO Box address for an officer’s residential address, the registered office address or the principal place of business

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