Companies – Officers

Can I form a company with one director?

Yes. Since December 1995, private Australian companies have been allowed to register with a sole director.

Do I have to have a secretary?

No. Since 2000, the office of secretary has been optional for private Australian companies.

Can a person under 18 be an officer of an australian company?

No. Minors under law cannot hold a position in a company as an officer.

Do I have to provide the residential address of all officers?

Yes. This is a legal requirement, specified in the Corporations Act 2001.
There is a process you can follow to apply to have your residential address suppressed, whereby you are granted ‘silent enroller’ status by the Australian Electoral Commission. Read more about this on the ASIC website: Application for suppression of residential address.

What is a public officer?

The position of public officer is held by a nominated person in a company that is the primary contact for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
Upon registration of your company, you must notify the ATO within three months who the public officer is.
This can be done when applying for your Australian Business Number(ABN).


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